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🚕 Market Place Pricing Template

Gary Willmott 🙌
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Pricing for startups is 🧬science to start with in the first-place.
Try adding some basic Marketplace variables such as supply, demand, growth, churn, CAC, LTV etc. and your head might feel like it’s going to explode 🤯

After helping and advising a few Marketplace startups, I’ve noticed patterns that can apply to most types of marketplaces that just need a few variables to be adjusted

Please Note:
For the sake of explanation, I'm using Uber as an example of how to use this. Uber is just one example of a Ride-share marketplace and this can be adapted to other various types of Marketplaces that are all modelled over the same principles.  Demand, Supply, Price, CAC, Growth etc. All the figures and scenarios are fictitious and in no way relate to Uber

Please read the Case Study to gain an understanding on how to use this

I’ve created a Google Sheet template to help identify:

  • Annual Revenue with costs and profit
  • Revenue for the 🚕 Drivers (Supply) & 👋 Riders (Demand)
  • Churn for Supply and Demand
  • Marketplace Take
  • Total Trips matched and failed

Using these Levers:

  • Supply to start with
  • Growth Rate
  • CAC
  • Match rates

The Price of this Template:

Even though this was a labour of love that took me 40+ hours, I'm tempted to give this away for free, as I did with the AARRRR template. However I want to actually experiment with pricing on this product itself.

Pricing Experiment will go as follows: The Price of $10 will double after every 10 sales, until it reaches a max value of $100

See below:

  • 1-9 units for $10 ** Sold out at this price
  • 10-19 units for $20 ** Update from 26 Oct (2 sold, 8 left for this price)
  • 20-29 units for $40
  • 30-39 units for $80
  • 40+ units for $100

Please note:

  • Every time there are updates based on feedback, you will be notified by email and you can get the updates at no extra cost
  • The purchase comes with REFUND GUARANTEE if you reach out within 10 days of buying the sheet. Just reply to the download email with 5 days and you will be refunded - no questions asked.
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🚕 Market Place Pricing Template to help identify supply, demand, churn and all things leading to profit


🚕 Market Place Pricing Template

0 ratings
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